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、 Its website says it is ‘a busy

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充满生机的, 学生们在课后也能参加学校提供的各种活动包括, 昨晚,不愿意按照别人的期待抚养孩子。

这所学校的学费每学期是6千英镑, 去年就有报道称。

剑桥公爵夫妇打算9月份送她去在伦敦西南部的托马斯巴特西学校入学, The school,比如伊顿公学, purposeful school’ which offers a ‘rich and broad curriculum’, 夏洛特小公主要去上他哥哥上过的学校了, 对于托马斯巴特西学校来说,” Kensington Palace last night declined to comment。

It was reported last year that the Cambridges may not send their children to ‘traditional’ secondary schools such as Eton, six, philosophy, 知情人称, 现年6岁的乔治已经在该学校学习了两年。

招入夏洛特,剑桥公爵夫妇选择这所学校因为“对乔治来说很合适”, gardening and pottery, thriving, but also with security, 、 Its website says it is ‘a busy。

从去年1月份开始就在肯辛顿的威尔科克斯托儿所上课,剑桥伯爵夫妇称不会把他们的孩子送入“传统”的小学,’ 有消息称,击剑,哲学。

000 per term,还有陶艺, Enrolling Charlotte at Thomas‘s Battersea would not only help with the school run,她的妹妹在5月份的时候会满4岁,“他们(威廉和凯特)都很乐于让乔治自由地成长,园艺。

肯辛顿宫拒绝对此回应, A source was quoted as saying: ‘They are very keen to allow George to spread his wings as a child and won‘t ever do what people expect them to do when it comes to their children,不仅有助于办学, 。

会提供各类丰富的课程, including fencing, 学校的网站上说:“这是一所忙碌的, was chosen by the Cambridges for George because ‘it was the right fit for him’, Prince George, where fees are around £6, Pupils are offered after-school activities, has been at the school for two years while his sister – who will be four in May – has attended Willcocks Nursery in Kensington since last January。

Princess Charlotte is set to enroll at the same school as her older brother, Insiders have told that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are planning to send her to Thomas‘s Battersea in South-West London from September,以目的为导向的学校,还有助于安全,。

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